Series Awards

NUE Race Series Awards 

YEAR END REWARDS: All NUE Series racers who do not earn cash awards and have completed at least three races may qualify for a prize package courtesy of NUE sponsors. Racers who are eligible for awards must submit their mailing address to no later than October 31.

NUE division champions will receive:

1. NUE Champion Poster

2. Complimentary entry into all NUE Races the next year.

3. Travel awards are included and announced at the award ceremony.


NUE Epic Race Series Purse

US $ 6000

Men’s        Women’s        SS/Masters

1000            1000                          500

600               600                           300

 400               400                          200




NUE Marathon Race Series Purse


 Men’s        Women’s        SS/Masters

600            600                        400

 400            400                       250

  200            200                       150





If you prefer long epic races in the dirt, choose the NUE Race Series