The Rincon Challenge Award winners are:

Men’s Open: Contender Brian Schworm

Women’s Open: NUE Defending Champion Brenda Simril

Singlespeed: NUE Defending Champion Gordon Wadsworth

Masters 50+: NUE Defending Champion Roger Masse

Men’s, Singlespeed and Masters winners each won two races in this best two of the first five race award. Former NUE Champion Amanda Carey and Defending NUE Champion Brenda Simril are virtually tied. According to tie breaking rules, the tie was broken by determining the margin of victory or loss in the best 2 of 5 races. Under that formula, Brenda barely edged out the former NUE Champ for this award, but there is a long and winding path of singletrack dead ahead between now through September with cash, comp entry for 2016, and a trip to LaRuta on the line!  

Each of the four racers will receive an all expense paid trip to compete in the newest NUE race around a volcano in beautiful northern Costa Rica. This award includes airfare, race entry, lodging, meals and more. Good luck NUE Leaders! If you would like to join NUE Leaders at the Rincon on August 22, register soon, just a few more limited spots remain.