Race Description: The True Grit Epic is long, tough, and technical. This is not a joke, for an ultra- endurance season opener this is a tough race. It is a mountain bikers race. The first 20 miles are over rocky and steep terrain that requires excellent bike handling skills and upper body strength. But don’t expect the course to let up. This course is a roller coaster of desert riding with over 70% of the 89 miles on single track and slightly over 13,000 ft. of gain.

Grit: fortitude and determination; guts, moxie, backbone, gumption, - strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage. Do you have True Grit?

 Registration: Closed

Limit 600  
Opened November 10th 2017

Entry Fee:
Early Bird Nov 12 - Jan 1, 2018, Regular Registration Jan 2 -February 28, Late Registration March 1 -March 8

100 OPEN MALE $150/$170/$200
100 OPEN FEMALE $150/$170/$200
100 SINGLE SPEED $150/$170/$200
100 MASTERS 50+ $150/$170/$200
50 Open Male $110/$120/$140
50 Open Female $110/$120/$140
50 Single Speed $105/$115/$135
50 Masters

Date/Time: March 10. 2018 7 am and 8:45 am 

Location: Santa Clara , UT 

Contact: info@groraces.com

Web: True Grit  Official Website

Course Map: Link

Course Description:

The race will start and finish in downtown Santa Clara. The first mile will be on pavement past tree lined shops and historic buildings. The venue location will allow for a fun and lively finish line atmosphere we are sure the whole family will enjoy.
The Dirt
The dirt portion of True GRIT takes place in the desert south west of the City of Santa Clara. You will travel through sandy washes, over sandstone and rock out-cropping’s, through and around large boulders, over fast and flowy single track, up steep climbs to the top of 4 different ridges, you will see miles of beautiful desert plateaus, red mountains, and white cliffs . It will be one of the toughest , most technically demanding courses you have ever raced – and the most beautiful.

The Course travels through 3 riding areas in St George – Red Bluff, Curly Hollow, and Boomer Hill area of the Santa Clara River Reserve – to create one long epic ride. The course uses the Red Bluff Competitive Area, the Barrel Ride, the Zen trail, the Bear-Claw Poppy Trail, Stucki Springs Trail, The Rim Runner, Cove Wash Trail, and the Barrel Rolls Trail.

The course is very technical and should be pre-riden, especially the Zen and Barrel Ride trail section. There are several steep drops, climbs, and turns that may require riders to get off their bike. ( please watch the videos ) There are also 3 ‘step over’ gates that require dismounting to lift your bike to the next region of trails and terrain.
The course travels in a generally clockwise direction (except for the Zen loop which is counter clockwise) .
Note: Over the years the course has been modified based on racer feedback. The changes have greatly improved racer satisfaction but have shorted the course slightly. Although billed as a 50/100 these are not the exact distances. However, finish times are comparable to other NUE events due to the “Toughness” factor of this course.
The ’50 ‘
The course is 46 miles in length with 43 of it on dirt. There will be check points at each of the loops. There will also be 2 aid stations with food, water, first aid, and repair services that can be accessed at approximately miles 13.7, 19.6, 36.5, and 41. Total elevation gain for this course is 6197 Ft .
The ‘100’
This course is a full 2 laps on the 50 course. The second lap is exactly the same as the first. Once racers finish the Barrel Roll and drop down to Gates Ln/Stucki Spring Road,  they will make a right turn, instead of left, and head  back down Cove Wash the same as the starting lap. Feed Zones are accessed at miles 14.4, 20.8, 38, 43.2, 57, 63.8, 81, and 85.8 .The actual course distance is 88.6 miles, with fast finish times around 6.5 hours. Total Climbing is 12295 Ft . Start elevation is 2739 ft and the highest point is 3615 ft in elevation.

100 Open Male and Female 50 Open Male and Female

1st $650 1st $350
2nd $450 2nd $200
3rd $300 3rd $150
4th $175 4th $100
5th $75 5th $ 50

Lodging: Link

Camping at the Venue
Tent and RV camping will be available on FRIDAY and SATURDAY NIGHTS at the Little League Ball field behind Snow Canyon High School ( not at the school) for just $1 . The site is .7 miles from the start and an easy bike ride in the morning to the venue. Space is limited to 17 RV spots and 30 Tent Spots so you will need to reserve a spot when you register

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