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Race Description:
  The 11th Annual Pierre's Hole at Grand Targhee Resort Course has more single track, which was also named a IMBA Epic last summer. The course layout adds significantly more single track. The course will take racers through fields of wild flowers, aspen trees and old growth forest with fleeting views of the majestic Tetons Mountains as you race past.? This years race will be a 3 lap 100 mile course. 2 lap 100km and a 1 lap 50km race. 

Web Site:  Pierre’s Hole 100


Date/Time/Race Start Times

Saturday, August 3, 2019
100 Mile starts at 7:00am
100 Km racers will start at 8:20am
50 Km will start at 8:50am

Location:  Grand Targhee Resort, Wyoming




LIVE Tracking HERE!

Here are the links to the websites that will have live timing going during and after the race: coming soon!

Trail Description:  You'll have a hard time keeping your eyes on the trail as the race course is located at the base of the Tetons with some amazing  views  and the trail crosses fields of wild flowers, old growth trees and aspens.  The course is not super technical but it also doesn't give you many areas to relax.  One new section of trail is called "38 special" because it has 38 bermed turns that you get to rail around!

Googlemaps Link: Googlemaps Link

Course Map:  Working on a 2016 version

Rewards: Prize money - 

100 mile - men, women, SS men

* 1st - $599 /JERSEY

* 2nd - $350

* 3rd - $250

* 4th- $200

* 5th - $200


100 KM- men, women, SS men

* 1st - $450 /JERSEY

* 2nd - $250

* 3rd - $200


50 KM- men, women, SS men

* 1st - $350 /JERSEY

* 2nd - $250

* 3rd - $100

Facilities:  Ski resort base area and restaurants are open at the resort.

Lodging:  20% lodging discount mention the race -  Grand Targhee Resort  OR CALL 1-800-TARGHEE ( 827-4433)

Places to Visit:  Grand Teton National Park is just 40 minutes away and Yellowstone National Park is 90 to the north.

Press and Video:

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