NUE = Long Bike Races in the Dirt

In an effort to elevate the sport of ultra-endurance Mountain Biking to the national stage, The National Ultra Endurance Series was born in 2006. For 2015, choose from fourteen quality events held in thirteen different states plus the Rincon Challenge, a new international race around a volcano in Costa Rica!

The NUE Series is dedicated to providing a level playing field for ALL, Professionals and Amateurs alike! No USAC or any other license is required

The NUE Series will recognize and award ALL NUE Series finishers and National Series Champions within the following four divisions: Your RACE AGE is determined as what your age will be as of December 31 of the current race season.

  • Men’s Open
  • Women’s Open
  • Singlespeed 
  • Masters 50+

Eligibility: To become eligible for National Series rankings and rewards, racers need only complete four events to receive a national ranking and qualify for series awards. You can enter as many events as you like, allowing racers to improve their ranking throughout the season. Your top four completed races will qualify you for a national ranking and series awards courtesy of NUE Series sponsors. Lowest points within your top four completed races will earn an NUE division title, cash awards, and complimentary entry into all races for next year's race season. DNF’s do not count.

Points: Racers earn points towards the series based on their placing within their chosen NUE division. Racers are not allowed to transfer points from one division to another. Racers will earn points as follows: One point for first place, two points for second place, three for third place, etc. The racer with the lowest overall points, within their division, will be declared the National Ultra Endurance Series Champion with cash and prizes awarded at the final race.

Ties: All ties will be broken at the final event. The tie breaking event will be held at the Fool’s Gold 100 in Dahlonega, Georgia. However, racers are not required to enter the tie breaking event to become eligible for series awards, provided at least four races have been completed. Awards will be mailed to racers who cannot attend the tie breaking event.

Media Recognition: Media partners of the NUE Race Series include Cyclingnews, MTB Race News, and Mountain Bike Radio, providing coverage of each event.
Stay tuned here for links to all race coverage including video coverage from many events.

NUE Race Series Awards

NEW MID-SEASON AWARD:  All NUE Racers are now eligible for a new mid-season award for 2015.  Racers who lead their divisions on June 21 will be eligible to receive an ALL EXPENSE Paid trip, including airfare, to compete at the Rincon Challenge in Costa Rica. Leaders will be defined by the lowest score in this BEST 2 of 5 races through June 20. This includes True Grit Epic, Cohutta 100, Mohican MTB100, Bailey Hundo, and Lumberjack 100.  In the event of a tie, largest margin of victory in the combined top two races will determine the prize winner.  This award is not transferable. In the event the division leader is unable to go, award will be given the the next highest ranked racer. NUE leaders must notify NUE whether they are going to Rincon by midnight, June 26, to allow time for the next ranking racer to make travel arrangements. NUE leades and Racers who fail to notify NUE by June 26 may forfeit this award.   

YEAR END REWARDS: All NUE Series racers who do not earn cash awards and have completed at least four races will receive a prize package courtesy of NUE sponsors. To receive your prize package, be sure to submit your mailing address to no later than November 1, 2016. 

In addition to cash awards, NUE division champions will receive:

1. A custom Voler NUE Champion Jersey kit

2. Complimentary entry into all NUE 2016 Races

3. An all expense paid trip to compete at the LaRuta de los Conquistadores November 6-8  (this award is not transferable and will go to the next highest racer if the champion is unable to attend)

New LaRuta Rule for 2015: NUE Champions must notify NUE whether they are going to LaRuta by midnight, September 26, to allow time for the next ranking racer to make travel arrangements. NUE Champions and Racers who fail to notify NUE by Sept. 26 may forfeit this award. 


2015  Cash Awards



Men's        Women's        SS/Masters

1100            1100            900

 800               700            600

 700               400            400

 600               200            200 

 500               100            100







If your prefer long epic races in the dirt, we hope you choose the NUE Race Series